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It’s 2014. People are attached to their smartphones almost 24/7. Daily life begins and ends with the Internet. In other words, your online presence, especially your mont blanc fountain pens website, matters more now than mont blanc outlet ever has before. How’s Your mont blanc pen Office Social Committee Doing? Wait. You don’t have one? Well, now’s the time to pull one together. The committee’s quest is simple: create fun events for the office. You don’t need a ton of people on the actual committee itself (three to five should do the trick, depending on the size of your business). The committee members can delegate to other mont blanc fountain pens folks in the office when necessary, but, honestly, this shouldn’t be a burden on anyone (remember, it’s supposed to be fun). The first mont blanc penstip is to start small. Approach Wired today and you’ll likely find that you don’t get much of a response (Wired has a total circulation of 851,823 thousand). They get approached by thousands of companies with press releases just like yours every day and that’s going to be tough to compete with. Instead then look for a montblanc meisterstuck magazine that’s very niche or even one that’s local and you’ll be in with a much better chance of getting covered. If you manage to generate some buzz around your product, blog or service you may find that other montblanc meisterstuck magazines start covering the same story. What should the mont blanc fountain pens committee do? It’s up to you, of course, but here are some guidelines. Your mont blanc pens office social committee should… Meet mont blanc outlet monthly or every other month to plan future cheap mont blanc pens events and finalize ones that are just around the montblanc meisterstuck corner Get input from people throughout the mont blanc company on what everyone wants to do Delegate tasks, as needed Manage the budget Pick Up the mont blanc outlet Phone Another tip is to forget mont blanc fountain pens the e-mail for a bit and to try picking up the phone instead. This way you can make much more of an impact and you’ll have a much better chance of getting listened to. Get the work number for a journalist or an editor and call them in the start/middle of the month – they’ll be looking for stories and if you have something compelling they can write about and sound friendly they’ll usually be grateful for the tipoff. Look for the montblanc meisterstuck Remember that these mont blanc pen magazines don’t just want to give you free coverage – they want to write stories that will be interesting to their readers or better yet useful. Try to look for an angle that will appeal to their audience and read a few articles in their magazine to identify the best way to phrase your pitch. If your product isn’t inherently different or interesting then how about you? Have you overcome trials and tribulations to set up your mont blanc fountain pens business? Would a magazine aimed at entrepreneurs like to hear your story? If you can’t turn this into an engaging story for their mont blanc fountain pens audience, then you can always throw a mont blanc outlet competition or introduce a discount that their readers will want to hear about. About the budget. Yes, the social committee needs one. It doesn’t need to be huge, but someone needs to pay for the pizza and ice cream, right? Provide the committee with a quarterly mont blanc fountain pens budget, and revisit the number each quarter to make sure it’s being used, and used properly. If money is too tight, here’s another montblanc meisterstuck idea: hold a bake sale. All funds raised will go to the social committee for event planning. Most of all though, just don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and to put yourself out there. The world of print is no different from online publishing and if you have a compelling mont blanc outlet story or something to offer then you can always get coverage here where there’s a little less competition and a little more credulity. 2. Say Hello to mont blanc fountain pens Pizza Parties. Nothing brings people together like a mont blanc pen yummy, FREE meal, and pizza makes it easy and fun. Get a bunch of pies, some side salads, water and soda, and you’re all set. This is a great idea for hump day (or any day, really). Having a mont blanc pen website isn’t enough. You need to build it so that people can find you. Jenna Betchholt is the owner of Jenna Bechtholt Photography, a wedding and lifestyle photography service located in Los Angeles. Betchholt says, “Some of the best business advice that I received when starting out was to focus on my online presence. Whether you have a great product/service or not, if no one knows about it, it really won’t matter. So I spent a lot of time developing my website to attract my target audience, staying present on my social mont blanc outlet media handles, updating my blog weekly while keeping various mont blanc pens strategies in mind, and producing fresh mont blanc outlet content.” Don’t Ignore Ice Cream Socials. Yes, we’re on a food kick here, but can you blame us when the montblanc meisterstuck food is mont blanc fountain pens ice cream? Seriously, nothing brings out the kid in even the cheap mont blanc pens crankiest office employee like a make-it-yourself sundae bar. Keep the fixings—like hot fudge, caramel sauce, sprinkles, mont blanc outlet, and whipped cream—on hand in the office fridge. On the day of the event, send someone out to buy some big containers of mont blanc pen chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream from a place like Costco or Sam’s mont blanc pen Club. Raffle off the leftovers. This is a perfect event for Friday afternoons, especially as the weather grows warmer. Make it even more social by inviting employees’ families to participate, too. Steck founded DinerWear four years ago. DinerWear offers dignified alternatives to the adult bib. The company’s signature product is the Cravaat, a stylish dining scarf that looks nothing like a bib, but serves the same purpose and works great for anyone of any age who has a knack for mont blanc pen spills. Steck talks about how she learned about mont blanc pens. “Although I had help with my website, my website designer said nothing about mont blanc pens. Consequently, my desire to not be associated with an adult bib hurt my website ranking. Once I learned the importance of montblanc meisterstuck (by watching Shark Tank), I implemented changes to my website which put my business on the map and increased sales 250%. If I had known about it earlier, I would have had more sales sooner.” Understand ALL Money Numbers You need to keep tabs on any number that has a dollar sign before it—this includes everything from montblanc meisterstuck expenses to how you price your products. Bechtholt says, “Starting a business can be nerve wrecking especially when you see others around you who are much more established charging four times as much as you are. If you want to be taken seriously, price yourself competitively.” She also points out that the market for different states and cities will vary, so getting to know other people in your industry and understanding how and why they price the way that they do is so valuable. “For example,” she says, “I moved from Utah to LA and knew I had to raise my prices. I wasn’t sure what I was really worth in this new mont blanc outlet city, but I saw people charging way more than I did. I raised my prices a bit, but then I found I was too high for the price shoppers and too low for the people looking to invest money in wedding photography. By moving my prices up even further, I actually booked more and all parties involved felt great. So do some research and understand what your services are worth in your market, not what you necessarily think they are worth.” Hire Your “Weaknesses” We heard this phrase from Tori Lattig of Endless Pawsibilities and found mont blanc outlet quite apt. We also discovered many small business owners who recommended the same thing: know when to outsource to experts. Volunteer Together. You don’t necessarily need to give your employees free stuff, like food, all the time in order to keep them happy. Providing them with the gift of time might be the greatest gift of all. For example, you could offer employees one paid day off a quarter to volunteer somewhere. Lattig says, “I wish we hired our weaknesses earlier. For example, hiring a mont blanc pens bookkeeper to keep our accounts and everything current each month would have saved us from doing a mass information input at the end of every year just to do our taxes.”